Folio Search Tips / FAQs

1. How does Folio’s Articles search work?

Folio’s Articles tab searches and links to full-text journals, newspaper articles, e-books, citations, and images that are part of the Ebsco Discovery Service (EDS) subscription.

Please note that not all of our databases are accessible through Folio, including anything we receive through ProQuest. For this reason, Articles searches always include a button to run your search in ProQuest. For a complete list of our ProQuest subscriptions and other resources, please see our database inventory.

Here’s a list of digital resources available in Folio:

2. What do I do after clicking on “Please log in to see full-text options”

Log in with the same username and password you use for your BGC email account. If you’re using Folio offsite, you will be asked to log in again using the same credentials. We recommend logging in first to make sure you see all of Folio’s features.

3. Why do some Articles search results say Available at BGC?

This link appears when a publication in Article Search overlaps with digital or print subscriptions in the BGC periodical directory. When you click on those links it will show you what our holdings are for that particular article. These resources may be listed as available in full-text online, in print, or sometimes both.

Please note that the "Full-text Finder" link does not reflect for all the serials in the library collection. For a more complete list of those holdings please look at periodicals directory.

4. How do the facets work?

The list on the left of the search results page are limiters, or “facets,” that you may select to refine a search. You can also browse by using facets without a search query.

Once a facet is selected, most, if not all, of the other options in that category are no longer available. Adding facets will only narrow a search and cannot add to an existing search. You can deselect a facet by clicking the “x” next to an active facet (above your results), and then select a different one.

Facets are unique to whatever collection you are searching. Facets you apply to a catalog search will only affect those results. The same applies to facets on Article and image search results.

5. How do I find BGC dissertations and QPs?

By selecting BGC Thesis Collection from the Collections facet in the catalog section of Folio, you will get a browsable list of all doctoral dissertations, masters theses, and qualifying papers. You can also further refine the list by adding search terms.

6. What does it mean when a book is “Checked-out”?

An item can have a number of different statuses.

  • A green status (Available) means the item is available to retrieve in the stacks. You may find a shelf card instead of your book which will tell you who has the book or where to find it instead. If you can’t find an item that is marked Available, please email [email protected].
  • Any yellow status (See Librarian) means the item is available, but you’ll need to contact the library staff, either in the offices or by emailing [email protected], for assistance.
  • A red status (Checked Out, Missing) means the item is not immediately available. A library staff member can help locate the item, but it will need to be recalled or re-ordered, which may take time.